Hand painted Silk Jewelry by Suzanne Bellows

Beautiful, light-weight yet rugged, water resistant, wearable art! Each item is an individual creation of this remarkable artist and designer.

Retail outlets can provide tax# & obtain details of the wholesale product line by contacting me at the bottom of this page.

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All the Handpainted Silk Jewelry has been created by this talented batikist and graphic designer to provide you with color
coordinated artistic styles sure to please.

Please look thru this line and if you want to select certain items for purchase, it can be done on-line using your credit card. Of course, the
credit card information is transmitted over a secure link for your protection.

Please remember that each piece is an individual creation and the colors will have some variation each time it is made. Therefore, the photos
illustrating the items will have slight variations with the items you receive.

Many have asked about the writing appearing on many of Suzanne’s pieces. This is an art called Gesture writing. For an explanation of this visit:
Gesture writing